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Hustle and Grit

Lowden Street, a private equity firm based in Alabama was born out of side projects by Matt Bean and Ron Yu while in an MBA school at Texas Christian. The partners leveraged what they had in an attempt to buy out a rural water company in Alabama. The deal ultimately fell through in diligence, but at that moment the company was born.

Diversity and Transparency

Diversity is an essential element of Lowden Street Capital. By bridging worlds of culture and backgrounds our team is able to make more informed decisions.  Having multiple perspectives is not as effective without transparent feedback and results tracking to improve decisions. 

alabama private equity firm
Alabama private equity firm

Bridging  Communities

Located in Alexander City, AL the former of Russell Athletic the Lowden Street team can see first hand the effects of a business on a community. Through venture capital and private equity, our firm plans to rebuild and reenergize communities while providing returns to partners.

Alabama private equity