Private Equity Firm

Private Equity Firm

Our team is here to make sure that the 50 year old business in your home town lasts another 50 years.


There are a million strategies for success. What's yours? Strategy drives our firm, and we want to know your plan before you start up because "what works" doesn't always work out in the long run. So we conduct painstaking research 


There's no better time than now to invest in low-risk investments that will pay off big later on.We(Evaluate and Analyze) all investment opportunities before presenting them to a potential investor


A key portion of Lowden Street's success is helping businesses implement processes that increase efficiency. Using the scientific method, every aspect of a holding is tested and studied to ensure the process is functioning properly.


laborj obs

Good Labor Jobs provides skilled and unskilled labor to businesses across the United States.

Southern Air Customs Interiors

Southern Custom Interiors installs customized interior solutions for private aircraft.

polar bear inn branson mo

The Polar Bear Inn is a 43 room hotel located just outside of Branson, MO

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About Us

Lowden Street is private capital and investing organization focused on rural equity buyouts.

Chief Investment Officer

Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner Matt Bean comes from a long history of private market investing.

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Venture Capital

Venture Capital is one of the most fun avenues for investing because of the amazing entrepreneurs of every age, gender, and background.


Lowden Street welcomes all business entrepreneurs to introduce new investment ideas for pre, seed, A and bridge rounds. 

Private Equity

PE is the forte of Lowden Street Capital. Finding and unlocking value remains one of lifes most rewarding business challenges.

Private equity business with a focus on rural markets drive our CIO to being considered one of the top valuation experts in the state.

Debt Products

Debt eats equity which is why any good portfolio needs a good mix of debt products.

Lowden Street buys existing owner finance debt from business owners as well as sells instruments that help businesses and entrepreneus grow.