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Southern Air Custom Interiors was originally organized in 1994 in Haleyville, Alabama with under the motto of “We Re Do It.” Southern Air focuses on improving and refurbishing aircraft interiors. With a laser focus on aircraft interiors, Southern Air is able to provide customers with a unique experience of making old planes feel new again.

Customers continually seek out the services of Southern Air because they are able to improve the cabin experience of an aircraft giving pilots and guests the feeling of luxury no matter the age of the aircraft.

Southern Air Custom Interiors' core values

Key Investment Highlights

Aircraft Refurbishment

Southern Air benefits from a strategy that allows it to sell to any aircraft owner or potential aircraft owner in the United States. Customers can fly to the airport and leave their plane at the shop while the work is done. Southern Air provides a tailored experience so that aircraft owners are without their planes for the shortest amount of time possible.

Southern Air is able to source and repair parts for older aircraft that are hard to find.

Fragmented Market

The aircraft refurbishment market is extremely fragmented with channels including maintenance, painting, avionics, and interiors. Within this channel, there are also sales and management. Southern Air offers a platform to connect with aircraft owners throughout the US and provide follow on services. Serving as a general manager or marketplace, Southern Air is able to direct aircraft owners to other business as well as vertically integrate into new businesses.

Nation-Leading Trends

With the continued development of the COVID 19 virus, the market for private air travel has exploded. Despite high fuel costs, travelers and families are beginning to choose regional and private aircraft services to travel over larger commercial options. These increased travel base correlates to the needs for new interiors and refurbishment or small private aircrafts

Business Plan

Lowden Street expects to hold its stake in Southern Air Custom Interiors through 2050 with the increasing potential of the industry. Lowden Street is willing to underwrite any follow on investments until Q1 2025

Investor Benefit

Investors are able to take advantage of Lowden Street’s professional principal investing acumen

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 Lowden Street Capital Management.

Potential Liquidity

Limitations and restrictions apply to semi-annual access to secondary market

Deal Terms

 Lowden Street actively negates every stakeholder, joint venture, or other agreement

Control Rights and Partnership

Lowden Street retains all control rights to drive decisions


100% Lowden Street Capital Management.

Valuations and Audits

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