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Relationships, Story, and Strategy

Strategy drives our firm. We conduct in depth diligence into what makes a business unique and what ensures its success can be scaled profitably. This diligence process includes conversations with founders and entrepreneurs that give us insights into the culture, history, and future of the business.

Deal Structures

Lowden Street gets deals done. We strive to make the best deals in a timely process which maintain the culture and aspects that make each business special.

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A key portion of Lowden Street's success is helping business implement processes that increase efficiency. Using the scientific method every aspect of a holding is tested and studied to ensure process are functioning properly.


Exit Scenarios

Each holding is constantly being positioned for an exit. Whether it be sold to another financial investment company, held privately to generate float, or sold to a customer, by keeping the end in mind we are able to focus on building durable and profitable companies

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