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Relationships, Story, and Strategy

There are a million strategies for success. What's yours? Strategy drives our firm, and we want to know your plan before you start up because "what works" doesn't always work out in the long run. So we conduct painstaking research into factors that make a business unique: it could be their culture or history; but more importantly, this process includes conversations with founders and entrepreneurs who give us insights on where they think their company will go next (and how you can help them get there).

Deal Structures

Lowden Street is committed to making deals happen. We strive for our customers' best interests while taking care of the culture and aspects that make your business what it is, so you can focus on doing what you love!

The Lowden Street team knows how important relationships are in business. That's why we're dedicated to building sustainable partnerships with clients by getting down into the nitty-gritty details - both literally (in terms of deals) as well as figuratively (we know all about your company).

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A key portion of Lowden Street's success is helping business implement processes that increase efficiency. Using the scientific method, every aspect of a holding is tested and studied to ensure the process is functioning properly.

A major factor for Lowden Street's continued success is its dedication to using the Scientific Method on all aspects it touches- making sure each step functions properly while also increasing productivity and staying one step ahead with trends.


Exit Scenarios

Each holding is constantly being positioned for an exit. Whether it be sold to another financial investment company, held privately to generate float, or sold to a customer, by keeping the end in mind we are able to focus on building durable and profitable companies

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Private Equity Investing

How to Invest with LSC

Buy Direct Equity in our portfolio companies after meeting with our CIO and meeting legal guidelines.

Lowden Street is always open to forming new partnerships to close deals and manage businesses.

Join the Lowden Street Angelist Syndicate to learn more about investing as well as Private Equity and Venture Capital deals.

Join Our Next Fund

Lowden Street has two funds in operation with the goal of adding a rolling fund soon. Get in touch with for more information.

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