What does it mean to be Evergreen?

Updated: Jan 21

Business consulting

Every leader wants to create evergreen content. We all want to build something that can stand the test of time. Content and value that will help others to continually evolve from principles that stand the test of time. Investors are also looking for evergreen vehicles. Deals that money can be invested in that continually pay returns for ever. The best consulting firms are built on evergreen ideas - which is why Lowden Street Capital focuses on these concepts. Concepts that help others to grow their businesses and scale over and over again.

In his recent podcast Ryan Hawk (The Learning Leader Episode 454: Jim Levine) talks about his platform and creating evergreen content. Books like Welcome to Management and The Pursuit of Excellence are evergreen titles. As his literary agent Jim Levine described, every year new managers are being promoted and they are all in need of management training. This is a natural environment for evergreen content to flourish.

For consulting companies, most of the work they do has an expiration date - but their concepts and philosophies don't. Consulting firms will constantly make references to case studies from years ago, because those lessons are still true today. The subjects may change; the techniques may be updated; but the principles remain the same.

Evergreen investments are a little harder to find because of trends, technology, and inflation, but they do exist. If you find a great stock at the right price, it can be a great investment, but how do you determine if it will mature overtime and not burn out. Evergreen investments are built upon principles and not trends, similar to Warren Buffets investment in Sees Candy, it is built upon the principle of giving someone a gift that makes them receiver feel happy and the giver feel appreciated. Everyone wants to feel appreciated so investing in that is evergreen and not a trend. Investing in debt is evergreen because people will always require leverage to build things, however determining which debt is evergreen is trickier.

Consulting is a business built upon evergreen principles, people will always want a third party opinion to make sure they are making the wisest decision. Consulting at its core is giving advice and everyone can use unbiased advice. Consulting allows you to help someone without the threat of competition since there is no physical product being created there is plenty of opportunity on both - the key to good advice evergreen principles.

If you're an entrepreneur, founder, business leader or someone looking to buy a business now is the time to focus on timeless principles. Examine the last 10 years and see which concepts made it through the financial crisis and the 2019 global pandemic. These concepts are evergreen and that makes it even more important. Lowden Street Capital is positioned to offer business leaders and entrepreneurs this education, training, and operations.

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