Polar Bear Inn Exit

Updated: Sep 28, 2020


Lowden Street Capital Announces First Major Liquidity Event: Sale of The Polar Bear Inn

Rural Market-Focused Private Equity Firm Successfully Exits Investment, Provides Great Returns to Shareholders

ALEXANDER CITY, Ala., Aug. 20, 2020Lowden Street Capital, a private equity firm focused on rural market investing, announced the sale of The Polar Bear Inn, a 43-room hotel located just outside of Branson, Missouri, to an undisclosed buyer on Aug. 12, 2020.

The sale marks the first major liquidity event for the young private equity firm. Founded by Matt Bean in 2017, Lowden Street purchased The Polar Bear Inn as one of its initial investments and successfully ran it as an extended-stay motel until the city of Branson passed an ordinance that posed issues regarding the property’s classification. The purchaser of the property, a developer in the Branson area, plans to pick up Lowden Street’s renovation plans and officially convert the motel into apartments.

“It is a great day at Lowden Street, as we experience our first major liquidity event,” said Matt Bean, Lowden Street Capital Managing Partner. “The Polar Bear exit provides great returns to our shareholders, and this milestone for our firm is something that we will never forget.”

The sale of The Polar Bear Inn represents a two-year IRR of 35 percent, a 7.51x multiple on invested capital, and a 51.58 percent cap rate.

Founded in 2017 by Matt Bean, Lowden Street Capital is a private equity firm currently raising its second fund. Lowden Street focuses on small business buyouts in rural communities, assisting small business owners with transitioning their businesses from one generation to the next by offering investing, consulting, and other strategic services. Learn more at

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