Lowden Street's Target Acquisitions

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target acquisition
Lowden Street's Target Acquisitions

Lowden Street loves weird unusual and strange companies

Maybe it is because we don't come from a classical finance background. Maybe it's because as engineers we are taught to see things from different perspectives (my business partner and I both started out as engineers).

one of our strategies is target acquisition, we find companies that are not in cities, where there can be more competitive. There can be so many benefits to running companies in rural settings, from less expensive land to a more stable labor market and a more ingrained community support system. Maybe the accounting isn't perfect but can be cleaned up. Maybe the company needs a better way to reach customers but doesn't know-how. That's where Lowden Street can help.

I like to find companies that are too small to catch the eye of some behemoth firms, but large enough to be stable. I especially like to see what's not yet there and plan for a way to scale up and support the business so that it takes off. I like to roll up my sleeves and spend substantial time with a portfolio company to remove obstacles to success.

I always liked the "we buy ugly houses" slogan, because it shows that there is value in houses that other people may not see at first. And I think that's why I like weird companies-- I see the value that is already there and envision what can be, with a little imagination and determination. When I hear the story behind the business, I can better understand the vision that the owner has for the future.

Or maybe I like weird companies because I'm also a little weird. And I'm okay with that.

Do you have a weird company that we can look at? Reach out and connect with us:

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