Grittier than ever: opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Lowden Street is a rural-focused private equity firm that isn't looking for top degree holders. We are looking for people with an entrepreneur mindset, grit, and determination to lead businesses in today's world. If you think you have what it takes, then join us!

Hiring quality people for private equity firms is no easy task. At Lowden Street, we're not looking for the top degree holders but rather gritty individuals that will do whatever it takes to lead businesses in today's world. If you think you have what it takes and want to join us, visit our website with more information: Currently, at Lowden Street, we have openings in Aviation, Accounting, and Management; however, we are always sourcing the top talent for our next purchase.

we have opportunities for entrepreneurs and If you are looking for a job or thinking about changing jobs, contact us today.

One of the top qualities we look for is grit. Grit is the willingness to do whatever it takes in this world, and we see that as a must-have characteristic for anyone who wants to join Lowden Street.

We are looking for people with grit, determination, drive, and ambition!

Last week, I entered our office, and I saw the receptionist lying on the ground trying to fix the copier. Not knowing anything about copiers, I asked her if I could help, and she told me that it was ok and she needed to call a technician. I asked her if she had called the technician, and she said, "Yes, but while I'm waiting, I thought I would give it a try because I know everyone in the building uses it." This made my day because I knew then I had found someone with grit.

At Lowden Street right now, we have several openings to run businesses throughout the State of Alabama. We don't just want people with top degrees and accolades - we want someone who has grit, determination, and drive that what it takes to work in Private Equity. We want to hire the person willing to lay on the floor to fix something they know nothing about because they know it needs to get done.

If you want to join our team- please send your resume to:

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