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Founded in Northern Alabama in 1999, Good Labor Jobs serves the leader in non-local staffing and Recruiting. Every year Good Labor Jobs places workers from all over the US including Puerto Rico to industrial, construction, hospitality, and landscaping jobs. Customers use Good Labor to meet long and short term needs in the labor market whenever local talent is unreliable. Good Labor’s services offer team members a chance to relocate to new markets with housing, transportation, and other items.

Good Labor Jobs core value

Key Investment Highlights

Employment Arbitrage

Good Labor benefits from a strategy that moves people from high unemployment areas to low unemployment areas. Clients seek out the services of Good Labor Jobs because they have already utilized all of their local labor services and they need something from outside the market.

Good Labor Jobs connects team members and clients in areas all over the United States offering employment opportunities that are not normally available.

Recurring Revenue In A Differentiated Market

Staffing is built on a recurring revenue model of placing team members on the account and helping them develop skills over time. What makes Good Labors model different is that they are able to provide increased margins because the model of placing non-local workers is different from traditional staffing.

In essence, Good Labor is able to pick and choose the markets that it wants to be competitive in allowing it to focus on the best spots. By focusing on good locations and good jobs, workers are happier and recurring revenue is more reliable.

Nation-Leading Trends

According to national research, the staffing industry is set to achieve double-digit growth over the next 10 years. While this growth is exciting other tailwinds including wage growth, VISA restrictions, and consumer demand fuel increased short-term growth.

US workers are in high demand and employers are willing to pay whatever it takes to get quality talent.

Business Plan

Lowden Street expects to hold its stake in Good Labor through 2030 with the increasing potential of the industry. Lowden Street is willing to underwrite any follow on investments until Q1 2023.

Investor Benefit

Investors are able to take advantage of Lowden Street’s professional principal investing acumen

Diligence Conducted By

 Lowden Street Capital Management.

Potential Liquidity

Limitations and restrictions apply to semi-annual access to secondary market

Deal Terms

 Lowden Street actively negates every stakeholder, joint venture, or other agreement

Control Rights and Partnership

Lowden Street retains all control rights to drive decisions


50% Lowden Street Capital Management / 50% Intuitive Capital Management

Valuations and Audits

 Quarterly profit and loss statements and annual financial statements

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